Kee Scaping offers a full line of Landscaping Services to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.  We use zone hardy plants for every landscape installation.  We will work with you every step of the process so that you remain well informed and well educated so that you know how to care for and maintain your new landscape.


Landscape Design and Installation

  Landscape Design and Installation is a great way to add curb appeal to your house or to rejuvenate your existing landscaping.  We will work with you one on one to make sure that you not only have plants that you enjoy but plants that will provide color all year round.


Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Hate the way your Yard looks after a long winter?  Let us get your yard back to being beautiful and ready for spring .

Tired Of Spending your weekends raking leaves?  At Kee Scaping we provide different programs to help relieve the hassel of cleaning up leaves through out the fall.  We can completely remove all leaves and debris or we can simply get you ready for a township pick up.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is a way to enhance the beauty of your landscape.  Kee Scaping provides many different landscape lighting solutions that will fit your needs.

Up Lighting of Trees and Shrubs-  Up lighting is a great way to highlight a beautiful tree.  Up lighting is something that can even be changed every season or even for holidays.

Walkway Lighting-  Tired of not being able to see the walkway to your door at night?  We have many different soulutions that will help you enjoy your walkway or patio after the sun goes down.

Seasonal Lighting-  Hanging Christmas Lights can be a real hassel.  Let us set up and tear down your seasonal lighting.


Bed Maintenance-  We provide many different services to enhance and maintain your landscape. 

Decorative Stone-  Decorative stone is a low maintenance way to enhance your landscape beds.  It is a one and done type of service.  Decorative stone is offered in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.  Before the stone goes down we lay landscape fabric through out the bed helping to control and reduce the weeds.

Spring and Fall Mulch-  Mulch is a great way to help retain moisture through out your plant beds during the hot summer days.  It is also a great way to dress your landscaping beds up.  We offer mulch in many different colors and styles that will fit all of your needs.

Pruning of Shrubs and Trees-Pruning is a great way to keep your plants healthy but to also keep them in proportion to your landscaping.  We also offer rejuvenating pruning to help your plants come back every year fuller and healthier.

Weed Control-  We offer weed control services for all of your landscaping beds.  We can spray the weeds with weed killer or simply pull them.


Turf Management- At Kee Scaping we offer a full line of residential services.  We have everything from complete property maintenance to weekly mowing.

Mowing –  We offer lawn cutting services on an every week basis or just on an as needed basis.



Aeration – Aeration is a to create a fuller thicker lawn.  It is often done in the fall or spring and accompanied by an over seeding.

Over Seeding– Over seeding is a way to fill in spots or patches in your lawn.

Fertilization – We offer a full line of fertilization services from a simple weed and feed to monthly fertilization services.

Grub and Bug Prevention – Tired of bugs eating your plants or grubs eating your lawn.  We have bug control products that will prevent bugs from eating your plants and reduce the number of bugs through out your yard.  We off both liquid and pellet forms.

Seasonal Plantings – Kee Scaping can create a great arrangement of annual plantings that will be sure to enhance any entrance.