Bed Maintenance

We provide many different services to enhance and maintain your landscape.

Decorative Stone- Decorative stone is a low maintenance way to enhance your landscape beds. It is a one and done type of service. Decorative stone is offered in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Before the stone goes down we lay landscape fabric through out the bed helping to control and reduce the weeds.

Spring and Fall Mulch- Mulch is a great way to help retain moisture through out your plant beds during the hot summer days. It is also a great way to dress your landscaping beds up. We offer mulch in many different colors and styles that will fit all of your needs.

Pruning of Shrubs and Trees-Pruning is a great way to keep your plants healthy but to also keep them in proportion to your landscaping. We also offer rejuvenating pruning to help your plants come back every year fuller and healthier.

Weed Control- We offer weed control services for all of your landscaping beds. We can spray the weeds with weed killer or simply pull them.

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